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1  Terms and conditions of Invent EMR

الشروط والأحكام الخاصة ببرنامج إنفنت للمواعيد الطبية

12/11/2023 Link 

 Privacy policy of Invent EMR

سياسة الخصوصية الخاصة ببرنامج إنفنت للمواعيد الطبية

12/11/2023 Link 
3 InventEMR Security Guidelines 15/02/2023 Download
4 MEDICAL.BH App Launch Ceremony Coverage 02/02/2020


Link 1

Link 2

5 InventEMR User Manual V6.3 03/05/2023 Download
6 Invent CallerID User Manual V1.0 11/01/2024 Download
7 InventEMR Brochure* 04/01/2021 Download
8 Medical Magazine 01/12/2017 Download
9 VAT Promotion 20/10/2020 EN  |  AR
10 Invent EMR 2022 VAT Update (how-to) 27/12/2021 Download
11 Invent EMR Mobile Application/ Cloud Web Access (how-to) 13/02/2023 Download
12 Getting Full Statement of Account “SOA” (how-to) 13/02/2023 Download

Invent EMR Updates Log

 System Release Log

  1. Expected upcoming features and Products in 2023-2024*
Product/Feature Scenario Description
Medical Encounters · New Interface:

  • Vital Signs
  • Family Record
  • Diagnosis
  • Assessment
  • Medical Plan
  • Allergies
Insurance Module · Enhancements to the Insurance Module and claims generation
Packages Concept · Introduce a concept in Invent EMR for packages and sessions management
Invent EMR Face-Lift · Invent EMR will have a whole new design!

Such features are subject to review and change: we meet them most of the time 

Year: 2023 System Release Log

*sorting is from latest to old*

Product/Feature Release title Description
Invent EMR Desktop Application V20.16.0.0 General Consent

  • Consent button displays a window that allows users to search and select consent sheets directly

Audit Log

  • Tracks notes on procedure: add, edit, and delete
  • Track manually sent SMS messages.
Invent EMR Desktop Application V20.11.0.0 General
  • online appointments: Supports “Book a Service” feature.
  • CPR Reader: Reflects patient’s nationality.
Invent EMR Desktop Application V20.10.0.0 Account Module & Chart/Progress Module
  • POS link payment:
    • Archive/unarchive a POS transaction.
    • Filter transactions through POS terminal.
  • Search for a sheet when adding a new form.
Invent EMR Desktop Application Vof & v20.9.0.0 Accounts Module & Receipt Enhancements  

  • Accounts Module:
    Missing POS transactions can be reported using the “Missing Payment?” button in the ‘Link POS Payment’ form.
  • Receipt Enhancements
    Receipts in a selected time range can now be accessed and printed through Accounts Module, by accessing ‘More Options’ next to the Receipt button, and providing the desired date range.
Invent EMR Desktop Application V20.7.0.0 Reports Enhancements In Claims Overall report, you may now filter by insurance carrier.
Invent EMR Desktop Application V20.5.0.0 Statements & Receipts Enhancements
  • You can now preview the receipt before sending it by email to the patient.
  • Support for resending a copy of receipt via email.
Social Media Links (SML) Booking Appointments Online This feature facilitates the appointments booking process for the patients. They can immediately book appointments using links in social media accounts “Whatsapp-Instagram-etc..”
Invent EMR Desktop Application V20.3.0.0 Sheets Enhancements If a user make changes to sheet, then close the sheet without saving, the user will be promoted to save the changes
Invent EMR Desktop Application V20.2.0.0 CPR Reader Integration Updates Enhancements to the CPR Reader Integration (CPR Picture is added automatically to the patient’s file without importing)
Invent EMR Desktop Application V20.1.0.0 Inventory and Account Modules Updates – Inventory Module: Support for printing barcodes by right clicking an inventory item in the list of inventory items and clicking print barcode.
– Account Module:
  • Force note entry if inserting a new payment with date in the past for records keeping
  • Add support for Binance pay

Year: 2022 System Release Log

*sorting is from latest to old*

Product/Feature Release title Description
Invent EMR Desktop Application V19.1.0.0 Post-Care Email Invent EMR now has the feature that when the procedure is set complete, an email will be sent to the patient automatically containing custom information the user sets (subject- body text – attachments)
Invent EMR Desktop Application V19.0.0.0 Enhanced Security and Login Method The security of the system has been enhanced and users now must type in their usernames and passwords in order to login
Invent EMR Desktop Application V18.6.0.0
  • Allergies are shown in Rx creation
  • Users are notified for making appointments out of provider’s schedule
  • Users are notified for moving appointments outside of provider schedule by dragging or using pin board
  • Copy link in payment request will ask user if he wants to send an email with the payment link
  • Custom reports can be searched for and filtered by category
Invent EMR Desktop Application V18.4.0.0 POS Integration Updates Added a button “Quick Pay” in the Account Module. Quick Pay does the same thing as the Down-Payment feature of the system. The difference is that it’s easier to access!
Invent EMR Desktop Application V17.7.0.0 Transfer Funds and Sheet Sequence Updates
  • Transfer funds: Added a new form “Transfer Funds” to split a down payment and transfer it to multiple patients
  • Sheet Sequence: A sequence can be added to the sheets to ease the tracking of the count of sheets generated from each type
Invent EMR Desktop Application V17.4.1.0 Medical BH Update Add a button to copy payment Link of a Medical.BH payment
Invent EMR Desktop Application V17.3.0.1 Multi-Clinic Feature Updates Choose Default clinic when logging in and apply the clinic to the forms that required to choose the clinic previously
Invent EMR Desktop Application V17.2.0.1  POS Integration Updates Added a new form to allow printing receipts of transactions
Invent EMR Desktop Application V17.1.0.0  Invent EMR Integration with the POS Machine and Prescription Updates – Invent EMR Integration with the POS Machines:
Invent EMR is now integrated with POS Machines! This feature is a core feature that eases the payment by cards and BenefitPay and allows refunding patients and settling the transactions and much more from InventEMR directly.
– Prescription Updates:
  • Allow to add more than one medicine in Blank “New” Rx.
  • Blank “New” prescriptions can be added as a group for future use of the group
  • Notes can be saved for prescriptions and whenever a group is chosen the notes will be written in notes box
  • Groups can be selected from “New prescription” form

Invent EMR Desktop Application V16.6.0.0 Teeth Chart UpdateAdded root canal treatment (RCT) paint type support for primary teethInvent EMR Desktop Application V16.5.0.0Security and Permissions UpdateAdded a new permission to enable/disable changing appointment operatoryInvent EMR Desktop Application V16.1.0.0Payment Plan RemindersAdded a new form that can be accessed from Account module > Payment plan charges button to send payment requests for each patient having an installment due to pay either one by one or bulk payment requestsInvent EMR Desktop Application V16.0.0.0Inventory Module Updates and Fixes

  • Added VAT% Price including VAT columns in inventory and inventory reports
  • Added a new feature that allows to add an adjustment to inventory items as well as having the option to edit or delete inventory adjustments
  • Fixed the issue of slowness in POS and Consumable items when applied to patient account

Invent EMR Mobile Application/ Cloud Web Access UpdateTicketing SystemTo provide the best services to our valued customers, users can now open an online ticket through the “Invent EMR Mobile Application” or “Invent Cloud Access – Web” and view the updates of their cases and follow-up with Invent’s team in a more efficient way

Year: 2021 System Release Log

*sorting is from latest to old*

Product/Feature Release title Description
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.23.18 Audit Trail Updates
  • Log all patient info changes
  • Log changes to procedure fees in every fee schedule in procedure code list
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.22.3 VAT Updates – Added a new form, can be accessed through List > Procedure codes > click “Setup Procedure Code VAT”, this form gives you the ability to:

  • Change the VAT percentage on all procedure codes that have a certain value to a new value
  • Change all procedure codes from exempted to another vat percentage
  • Specify a default VAT percentage to assign to all newly added procedure codes

– Audit trail for changing VAT percentages using the form.

Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.21.1 Medical BH Enhancements
  • Editing a cancelled cloud order will now show cancellation reason
  • Added two new reasons for user to choose from when deleting a guaranteed booking
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.20.9 Invent EMR Enhancements
  • Allow users to view multiple sheets simultaneously
  • Added an option to filter by supplier in inventory tracking
  • Button to export generated report to excel
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.20.7 Inventory Module Enhancements
  • Inventory will notify for the following: Expired and low stock items if any.
  • New filter options in inventory [Supplier & item status (expired, low stock)].
  • New report [Inventory tracking]: Report will show all quantity changes made to the inventory items.
  • Expired items are highlighted red, low stock items highlighted yellow.
  • Option to add LPO and Invoice when adding a new inventory item or adding quantity to an existing item
  • Add inventory consumers, and specify the consumer you are issuing inventory to when removing quantity from an item
  • Adding a duplicate inventory item is made easier with the “duplicate item” button
  • Allow to sort inventory by all columns.
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.20.1 Medical BH Enhancements – New alert concept:

  • A small window appears in the right bottom corner with 4 different appearance (Info, Success, Warning and Error)
  • Each computer will be notified on new booking requests.
  • Each computer will be notified for any status changes on bookings.
  • Red notification will appear once a user cancelled hid booking.
  • Warning alert will appear for each 15 min [variable] if there are pending bookings.
  • Single booking notification have the ability to click -> view/change booking information.

Year: 2020 System Release Log

*sorting is from latest to old*

Product/Feature Release title Description – Bahrain’s largest interactive online medical appointment application Can people find my medical firm online and book with me? is the most important platform for online medical appointments and contains dozens of doctors and medical facilities from all medical specialties.  The  platform allows you to:

– First: search for doctors by name or search for medical specialties or research according to the doctors’ working hours

–  Secondly: booking with your doctor electronically quickly and safely

–  Most importantly: it will be connected to your Invent EMR system – dynamic and beautiful.

One of the most important reasons for this platform is not the large number of names and medical options, but that the platform was designed by the largest company operating in the field of medical information technology, allowing direct communication and integration between the platform and the electronic reservation system.

تعد منصة ميدكل بحرين أهم منصة لحجوزات المواعيد الطبية أونلاين في البحرين وتحتوي على على عشرات الأطباء والمنشئات الطبية من كل التخصصات العلاجية.

تتيح لك المنصة التالي:

أولا: البحث عن الأطباء بالإسم او البحث عن التخصصات الطبية أو البحث حسب أوقات عمل الأطباء

ثانيا: الحجز مع الطبيب إلكترونيا بشكل سريع وآمن

من أهم الأسباب التي تجعل هذه المنصة الأفضل ليس العدد الكبير من الاسماء والخيارات الطبية فحسب بل كون المنصة قد تم تصميمها من قبل أكبر شركة عاملة في مجال تقنية المعلومات الطبية مما يتيح إتصالا ودمجا مباشرا بين المنصة ونظام الحجز الإلكتروني.

Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.19.1 Sheets Setup Enhancements support text direction, alignment in both sheet setup and sheet printing.
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.18.3 Features Enhancements Enhancements to the performance in the perceptions and Inventory Module
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.18.3 Sheets Setup Enhancements • Support Text Alignment for:
– Static Text
– Input Field
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.18.0 Sheets Setup Enhancements Adding Ins Employer + Expiry Date to sheets static fields
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.17.7 Medical BH Updates • Doctor Schedule update:
– Filter by specialty, doctor.
– Simple, advance and Day Off.
– Holiday
• New booking update:
– All new design
– Support for new status (On Hold, Confirm As Walk-In) : will work only once we go live.
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.17.3 Treatment Plan Description • Treatment plan Description in Arabic available on:
– Treatment plan module.
– TP print out.
– You can display it from “Setup -> Display Fields -> Treatment Plan -> Show DescriptAR” -> Header can be changed also to Arabic one plus the sizes.
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.16.6 Invent EMR Enhancements Bug Fixes in Invent EMR and Medical BH
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.16.5 Treatment Plans New module added to InventEMR

(TP Tracker) to track all treatment plans “saved” on patients

1.       Treatment Plan Tracking

a.       Tracking log: every change into treatment tracking will be logged, displayed as reference in Treatment Track Window

b.       Treatment plan status/stages

c.       Assign to employee

d.       Notes

2.       InventEMR Booking

a.       System will ask for a reason when postponing booking *required.

b.       Postponing indicator and reason logged into main booking table (online).


Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.16.1 2020 SMS Enhancements Update and fix misc. SMS issues
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.15.2 Invoice Enhancements 1.      New Invoices report

2.      Past dated procedure issue fix.

3.      Lock procedure/adjustment after generating invoice.

4.      Other invoice enhancement on auto-creation.

Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.15.1 Invoice Based Accounts ·         Users are now allowed to create a unique invoice and print: by select set of procedures and/or adjustments and clicking on $invoice icon

·         Invoices will be auto-created when user tries to print a receipt

·         Invoices management will be automatically logged in audit trail

·         Users can search for invoice (patient) by typing the invoice number in the (select patient window)

·         Users are allowed to create invoices for old (settled) procedures.

For Saudi (KSA) EMR users: fixed : issue when EMR adds VAT for some Saudi citizens

Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.14.2 Major Inventory Rework ·         Inventory V2.0.1.0:

·         Interface design changed

·         Extra columns added to inventory items (supplier, cost price, selling price, order date..)

·         Other EMR bug fixing

Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.14.1 Medical.BH tool on EMR ·         Users are allowed to manage bookings from

·         Alerts and extra functions on pending bookings

·         Extra enhancements

Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.13.2 &V14.0.13.4 is Live! ·         First release for tool integration with Invent EMR desktop application
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.13.1 VAT Covering ·         For medical firms who are using InventEMR with VAT module: users can cover the VAT on 5% procedures (medical firm to pay the amount)
Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.13.0 VAT Module Enhancements

KSA VAT Scenarios

·         User will be alerted when patient is about to pay less than the 5% VAT amount

·         Procedures are restricted to 0% or 5% only (Exempted option is removed)

For KSA Users:

·         VAT calculated only on expats 5% and 0% on citizens (automatically)

Invent EMR Desktop Application V14.0.12.37 Inventory Enhancements ·         Major fix for slowness issue in inventory

·         Fix for reports sometimes not filtering properly

·         Other bug fixing on inventory module

Date: 26 Sep 2019 Version 01



 System Release Log

  1. Major System Core Changes
Seq.# Product/Feature Scenario Description
01 Security & audit trail enhancements Patient Edit Tracking Done
02 Patient add: User Tracking Done
03 Invent EMR on AWS Can I host my Invent EMR on the cloud? This is a major breakthrough for Invent EMR. The product can fully operate on AWS.

Clients with multi-branches will benefit the most from this feature

04 VAT & Taxing Can I manage VAT in my medical firm? Am I ready? Depending on the setup of your medical first.

There is 2 VAT and taxing options:

·         All 0-VAT: this means all your procedures are classified as 0-VAT

·         Dynamic: 0-VAT (patients not expected to pay 5% VAT) and VAT (for aesthetic producers where 5% is applied).

·         VAT brief:

o   New VAT info in procedure code page.

o   Once add procedure to a patient it will get vat percentage and calculate it.

o   Once the amount is updated for procedure the VAT will be updated.

o   VAT will be calculated after discount (if applied on procedure).

o   Reports: VAT Report.

05 NHRA Accreditation Am I ready for NHRA accreditation Everything NHRA requires in the ICT and security standards is READY.

All reports and recommended changes will be done FREE of charge for you.

06 Ability to add discount by percentage (%) Done
07 Fast Import Images If I have so many images, can I import all at once? Yes.
08 Auto-cloud backup Can I have auto-cloud backup of all my EMR data? Yes. Request details on this. Service fees will be applied
09 Adding ability to print receipt from payment.


I forgot to print receipt for a customer last week, he/she wants a re-print with back-dated entry, can I ? Yes.
10 Audit log for patient add or edit.


Can I track who edited a patient record? Yes.
11 Adding patient balance and primary doctor on appointment bubble From appointment module: I want to quickly know patient’s balance and his/her primary doctor? You can.

o   Patient estimate balance can be shown in appointment bubble if permission is allowed.

o   Need to enable this feature from settings, very cool!


12 Invent EMR Mobile Application – Upgrade ·         Can I manage my technical support cases through Invent EMR Mobile App?

·         What about notifications?

·         Can I manage tasks to my staff?

·         Can I add/book appointments from my mobile?

·         Can I settle payments online


·         Yes. A new technical support system is in progress. Log and track all your support cases on the go will be easy.

·         Notifications on what’s new and what’s coming from Invent will be shared via app.

·         A built-in task management will be added: doctors can request actions from their staff on the go!

·         Doctors will be able to book appointment from the app directly

·         Few online payment options will be added

13 Built-in Bulk SMS Tool         How can I send bulk SMS to all patients?


This utility allows you reach all your patients in a click!

· Filter bulk SMS by patient gender

· Send to specific procedure patients

· Send to specific doctor patients

· Much More..

2.   Other changes

Seq.# Description
01 Misc. Changes

·         Adding “NP-“to PatientNameFL and display middle name in the field.

·         Fixing multi Rx clinic issue.

·         Adding insurance reference number field to each claim.

·         Enhancing Account module rows ordering.

·         Payment by procedure amount (now will show only pending amount).

·         Payment by procedure items (will bring any procedure that does not paid fully).

·         On adding splits: Adding Remaining balance

·         Change Patient name ordering in some reports (FML).

·         Implement Mirror system integration.

·         Fix issue on getting patient procedure on making payment.

·         If discount linked to a procedure, on description it will show for “ProcCode”.

·         New sequence for completed procedures.

·         Add Invoice Number on receipt + Minor changes.

·         Save Image original name as description.

·         Fix issue: On printing past dated receipt (you can print past dated receipts).

·         Adding PatNum in Performed Daily Procedure, Adjustment Report.

·         User cannot change other user’s note unless he has permission.

·         Payment report design enhancement.

·         Fast import images.

·         Save Image original name.

·         Fix HTML image links.

·         New audit for clearing Fee Schedule

·         Fixed user appointment view selection issue when changing appointment view order.

·         Add version number on splash screen

·         Rx Designer & Printout enhancements.

·         Mult-Rx selection.

·         Patient select (search) by email.

·         Family module: patient country added

·         Advanced Payments: Users can now enter payments without attaching a procedure (Advance Payment) and attach procedures in future

·         Adjustments are now restricted to be added on each procedures (general discounts are removed)

·         Procedure amounts are auto-calculated after adding adjustments +/-

·          Percentage discounts: system will automatically calculate the fixed amount after entering a percent amount %

02 ·         System speed enhancement: Patient search will work as thread now (speed enhancement).


03 Inventory module updates :

·         Minor changes: adding seller (supplier) & cost price

·         Speed and reporting enhancement

04 Insurance batch claims processing improved
05 Misc. VAT changes:

–          New VAT concept.

–          Disable payment % discount if VAT enabled.

–          New VAT report @ monthly section.

–          New Receipt.

–          New sequence for completed procedures.

–          % discount of Adjustments.


06 Technical fixes

·         Lab cases error on Appointment module fix.

·         EMR hides partially paid procedures in payment splits.

07 Local customization of the system and SMS for KSA & Oman Clients!
08 Major improvements on QuickBooks accounting system integration: auto-email is sent to clients on missing payments entry from EMR to QuickBooks.
09 Improvement on multi-clinic synchronization services & cloud backup

Date: 15 Aug 2018 Version 01


Invent EMR – System Release log

  1. Major System Core Changes
Seq.# Product/Feature Scenario Description
01 Security & audit trail enhancements How can I track who deleted payments? The audit trail functioning is improved to have a better look/picture of what actions are handled in the background by users.

When deleting payments, the user is forced to enter notes + select a reason for deletion. Such actions are all logged in the built-in audit trail

02 How can I track who modified payments When a payment date or amount is changed, the audit trail will track before/after entries and reflect them in audit trail logs for future referencing
03 Mandatory procedure sheets How can I remind users to fill out a specific sheet before completing a procedure? or even a certain consent form sign off? Mandatory (Prerequisites) medical sheet can be linked to procedures. For example, if we perform procedure X we must fill out the “vital signs medical sheet” or procedure Y cannot be completed unless the user confirms completing sheet-X or consent form Y for that specific procedure.
04 Double booking for same doctor at the same time. How to completely prevent double-booking for patients under one specific doctor on the same time? A prompt is added/thrown to users if patients are added under the same provider (doctor or assistant) at the same time in different operatory/room. This feature has to be enabled from security to take effect.
05 Waiting Area Application How can I control traffic of patients to/from reception desk ? · This application will help you install a waiting area monitor/TV with medical waiting area system so patients will see when/who to see without referring to reception desk frequently

· Patient confidentiality measures is taken into consideration

· The application will also run videos or promotional offers on the side!

 2. Other changes

Seq.# Description
01 Daily emails enactments
02 Medical Sheets validation: validating input numbers and adding range for certain fields
03 Inventory module updates including adding two fields for each inventory item (Cost “Double”, Supplier “Pick List”).
04 New security permission for payment deletion log is added.
05 Multi-Clinic filtering fixes. This applies to:

1. Rx

2. Lab Cases

3. Sheets

4. Communication Logs

06 Insurance Receipt printout PDF save fix “View In-person Statement”.


07 Procedure Category clinic filtering fix.


08 Sheets Static Text marriage position added.


09 ·         Right-click option with quick notes in sheets.

·         Color drawing in sheets.


10 Technical fixes

·         Lab cases error on Appointment module fix.

·         Patient naming on screen changes.

·         Rx prompt printout fix.

·         Rx display fields interface issue.

·         Rx Designer & Printout enhancements.

11 Technical improvements

·         Sheets PDF creation multi-page fix.

·         Filing system enhancement

·         Checkbox draw tick instead of X

·         When searching for patients for example patient number the system will show the relative exact result instead of listing all similar entries

12 Insurance module upgrades/fixes
13 Regular monthly custom reports
14 Improvement on monthly automated backup and monthly checks emails
15 Major improvements on QuickBooks accounting system integration
16 Improvement on multi-clinic synch services & cloud backup
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