A Comprehensive all-in-one solution for doctors

All what doctors need, in one place

Used and trusted by hundreds of doctors all around the region.

Used by pioneering doctors from ALL Medical Fields and Specialties

Smart Module Based

Invent EMR – A comprehensive medical solutions EMR (Electronic Medical Records) for medical centers, clinics and hospitals


A CRM Tool designed for Patients

✅ A full 360- view Patients CRM 

✅ Family-based Patients Records

✅ Detailed Insurance Plans

✅ Detailed Medical History

Medical History & Encounters Module

Focus on what you do best: treating patients

✅ Progress Notes & Medical Encounters

✅ Medical Forms & Examination Sheets

✅ Consent Forms & Signature Devices

✅ 3D Dental Charting for Dentists


Smart Scheduling starts here

✅ Real-time booking via WhatsApp & Instagram

✅ Easy & Dynamic Booking

✅ Planned Appointments, recalls, packages …etc

Financial & VAT Module

Finance is no more a pain for doctors!

✅ Advanced Medical Billing & Reporting

✅ VAT & Tax Management Ready for Medical Fields

✅ Installments, Payment scheduling, adjustments …etc

Ships with Rich Features

Invent EMR – A comprehensive medical solutions EMR (Electronic Medical Records) for medical centers

Easy,Simple,and Fast

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Cloud Based

Monthly subscription

No Down Payment

Invent in 1 Minute

In just one minute learn more about how Invent EMR can streamline your practice, improve patient care, and enhance efficiency.

About Invent EMR

One-stop-station for doctors who want to manage their clinic from the time the patient enters the facility to the time they leave.


Explore the benefits and best practices of utilizing cloud-based services for your data storage and remote accessibility needs.

Easy, Secure, and Fast

Invent EMR offers an easy, secure, and fast system that streamlines healthcare documentation and enhances patient care.


Structured with compatibility against NHRA regulations and guidelines.

Trusted By Thousands of Health care professional

Bella Dental Center

By Dr.Fatima Almadhoob

Aesthetica Dental Center

By Dr.Reem Al Shaiba

Ships with Rich Modules

Invent EMR – A comprehensive medical solutions EMR (Electronic Medical Records) for medical centers

Invent CallerApp – Patients Call Center

No more missed calls!

✅ Increase your revenue: Do not miss a call & do call everyone back!

✅ Connect your medical records system to your telephony system

✅ Know who is calling you

Real-Time Website Appointments Integration

Make scheduling so fast & easy to your patients

✅ Real-time plugin integrating your booking engine to your official website

✅ Promote products through your online store

✅ Manage online payments and offers

AutomatedSMS Reminders & Recalls

Mange Operations & Flow efficiently

✅ Send Automated Appointments Confirmation SMS

✅ Send Automated Periodical Treatment SMS

✅ Send Manual SMS to Patients

✅ Review detailed SMS reporting

Invent EMR Mobile App

Stay connected anytime from anywhere

✅ Access real-time performance dashboards

✅ Monitor operations and revenue on the go

✅ Access Appointments, patients details and records for all doctors

✅ Access financial and appointment reports

Online Payments & Auto-Settlement

New: Book Online & Pay Online


✅ Promote offers with online payments New

✅ Manage Guaranteed Bookings with upfront payments New

✅ Send payments Request for outstanding fees, products and services

POS Machine Integration

Reconcile your records with your bank in real-time

✅ Integrate Payments made through POS Machines to your Invent EMR system in real-time New

✅ Receive payments from POS machine within the system & simply link them

Signature Device for e-Consents & Forms

Stay connected anytime from anywhere

✅ Integrate TOPAZ Signature devices with any form

✅ Customize your own forms & Start capturing patients signatures

Patients Feedback Application

✅ Measure Patients Satisfaction Level

✅ Capture Patients Feedback in real-time

✅ Available on iOS & Android

Smart card (CPR & ID) Integration

✅ Automated patients Records & Files Creation

✅ Capture Details from Smart Cards directly to the system

✅ Avoid Human Data Entry Errors

✅ Maintain Faster & Smooth Operations

Looking for something more simple?


Invent EMR Cloud Access

Invent EMR for iOS and Android