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Dr. Amal Alsamak
Amal Alsamak Dental Center
Invent EMR, was just the right system in the right time for me, I recommend it.
Dr. Hussain Omran
Smile Dental
It is a pleasure to work with Invent ITS.
Dr. Ali Mattar
Ali Mattar Dental Center
Invent were ‘too good’ and what they offered me what simply “too good” to reject. They’ve done a good job.
Dr. Cherine Salim
Dermatologist CMAC - Beirut
Invent EMR was very useful to our clinic. It is easy, flexible and functional; the tech support is very responsive and efficient as well. Highly recommended!
Dr. Hussain Wejdani
Al Wejdan Medical Center
The system is customizable, comprehensive and has a strong after sales support. What else should I need ?
Dr. Hussain Juma
Global Dermatology
This software made my life easier in the clinic as a doctor and as business administrator
Dr. Sameh Shaheen
Seef Dental
We were impressed by the their excellent dedication,knowledge, service and most of all their commitment to deliver an excellent product.
Dr. Zahra Majeed
Saar Dental Specialists
Invent have the best and quickest service and I highly recommend them to anyone considering a reliable patient management software. TWO THUMBS UP!
Dr. Lana
Back On The Move
Pleased with the professional setup and support INVENT ITS offers.
Dr. Hussain Nasser
Therapy Center
Invent EMR, upgraded our level in work at Therapy Center, effective and made our performance better.
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